Our Team

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Academic Directors

Prof. Shimon Schocken

Academic Director and Founding Dean of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science at Reichman University

Dr. Roy Sasson

Data Analyst Academic Director

Dr. Miriam Symon

Academic Director Preparatory English Course

Ofir Richman

Academic Director Digital Marketing

Nissim Brami

Academic Director WebDev

Dr. Yossi Maaravi

Co-founder and Dean of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, and the Academic Director of the 3D program to promote entrepreneurship in the Arab society.

Prof. Oren Zuckerman

Academic Director UXUI

Dr. Yoni Birman

Cyber Analyst (SOC) academic director and CTO and Director of Cyber Security Research Labs at Huawei Research Center

Dr. Shai Litvak

Chief Technology and Training Officer, AI and Computer Vision expert

Rachel Kremer

Localization and Translation for Digital Program Director

Dr. Barak Or

Academic Director of AI and Deep Learning Course

Professional Management

Gali Shahar Efrat

General Manager, Google Reichman Tech School

Netalie Werber Masenjnik

Vice president of Learning, Development and Operations

Shirley Blau Dell

Operation Manager

Soubhieh Abu Shhadeh

Government & NGO Partnership Manager

Inbal Erez

Industry Relations Manager

Michal Pinto

Project Manager- WebDev

Shir Palombo

Program Manager

Meyrav Bauman

Project Manager

Yael Melnick

Recruitment Manager

Yael Heller

Project Manager

Neta Savich

Recruitment Manager

Dana Raviv

Program Manager

Shaked Hoffman

Program Manager

Hadar Koren

Program Manager

Vered Moreno Ben-Shahar

Program Manager

Julieta Yael Gwirc

Account Manager

Lana Dally

School Coordinator

Shimaa Arja

Recruitment Manager

Gal Cohen

Program Coordinator - Sderot

Daniel Sagiv


Dr. Shai Litvak

Chief Technology and Training Officer, AI and Computer Vision expert