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Computing Infrastructure, Network Management and Cloud with AI - Syllabus

Personal computer OS - 24h
  • Windows admin  
  • Mac OS admin 
  • Secure your station using Antivirus, firewalls, passwords  
  • Managing your data and hard disk 
  • Computer devices – printers, BT, cameras, microphones, storage. 

Servers - 60h
  • Windows server administration
  • Active Directory 
  • DHCP & DNS 
  • Permissions management 
  • File system 
  • File & Print servers 
  • Storage management 
  • Virtualization using MS servers tools 
Networking - 40h
  • Network Devices – Routers, modem, repeaters etc.  
  • TCP.IP Model 
  • IP Addressing 
  • Network architecture 
  • IPv4/6 
  • DHCP & DNS   
  • Lan/Wan 
  • Network troubleshooting 
  • How to build a secured org network? 
  • Firewalls
Writing scripts with Python - 40h
  • Python fundamentals 
  • If & Loops & Functions  
  • Working with files & directories 
  • Python Data Structure 
  • Working with DB  
  • Using AI for faster scripting
  • SQL basics – do it yourself 
  • From natural language to SQL with AI  

Cloud Technologies - 60h

Google Workspace – Using and managing organization service

  • Mail services 

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure 

  • Introduction to the Cloud approach and technologies 
  • The Google Cloud solution and environment 
  • The open-source ecosystem 
  • FinOps basics 
  • Public vs Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions 
  • Cloud Load balancing 
  • DNS & CDN services 
  • Cloud storage & data transfer 
  • Kubernetes 
  • Cloud run process 
Linux - 24h
  • Linux OS fundamentals 
  • Installing and configuring Linux 
  • System Administration 
  • Networking and services 
  • File system on Linux 
  • Secure your Linux 


Architecting with Google Compute Engine

  • Virtual Networks 
  • Virtual machines 
  • Resource management 
  • Resources monitoring 
  • Auto Scaling 

Intro to multi-cloud approach with AWS & Azure by MS. 

  • Multi-Cloud approach  
  • Differences between cloud providers 


Special Workshops - 30h
  • Customer support & service management 
  • Analysing & troubleshooting computer problems 
  • CRM and Task management 
  • AI Workshop for IT managers – Gemini, Copy.ai, Clickup and more 
  • MS 365 tools for organizations 
Final Project - 24h

Establish a company hybrid network, servers, and cloud environment. 

Enhance productivity with AI
  • Learn AI concepts: Machine Learning, Generative AI, LLM, AGI and more
  • Capabilities and limitations of current AI tools
  • Using generative AI to summarize content, learn and understand, develop and visualize ideas
  • Human-in-the-loop approach with Gen AI
  • The art of prompt engineering
  • Using Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides and other Google Tools
  • Learning with AI assistance: principles for effective learning
Personal Skills

A flexible module that provides training in interpersonal communication skills, English skills, self-study skills, time management, accepting, facing, learning from failure. The methodology is based on short workshops and weekly meetings with professionals, industry leaders, and role models.

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