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Syllabus Digital Marketing Professionals

The bustling tech ecosystem is in constant need for a highly skilled workforce in marketing, content, and communications. Investor relations, internal relations, content marketing, and growth – the traditional definitions of marketing have evolved, and the variety of skills and knowledge needed to apply for the variety of positions grew at an ever-faster pace.

The course will examine the changes traditional marketing has been going through to adapt to a digital landscape and the impact on marketing advertising and branding strategies: media fragmentation, social networks, multi-screen devices, and technology empowered consumers, which all have created new challenges for marketers. Therefore, we aim to equip our students with a hands-on proficiencies and knowledge, relevant vocabulary and additional skills that will enable them to apply for entry level positions in marketing (Product Marketing, Marketing automation, Junior brand manager, ecommerce marketing, partnership manager, account manager, Head of organic growth, SEO, PPC managers, Content Partnership – and much more). Upon completion of the course, the participants will master the toolkit for various performance campaigns across devices, channels, and platforms, including targeting and optimization. In addition, they will acquire the most updated knowledge regarding the strategic fundamentals, methodologies and view of the marketing process and its role in the company’s success.

Course Goals
  • Provide deep understanding of the impact of digital technologies on marketing strategy and implementation.

  • Provide insights into research and real world case studies.

  • Familiarize students with various digital tools essential for operating in the digital marketing landscape.

  • Gain experience in using advertising, analytics and performance platforms.

    Work closely with industry leaders.

  • Practice in presenting digital marketing campaigns for designated challenges.
  • Gain expertise in developing and evaluating marketing strategies.

Methodological Module
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Branding and Storytelling
  • Market research, segmentation  and targeting
  • Platforms and cross- platform campaigns
  • Mobile marketing
  • Content marketing and strategy
  • Key shifts and trands trends
  • Growth hacking
  • and more…
Google Ad Module
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Research
  • keywords
  • bidding
  • programmatic bidding
  • ads ranking
  • best practices
  • GDN
  • remarketing
  • YouTube
Meta advertising
  • Meta Ads manager
  • targeting and analytics tools
  • organic and paid strategies
  • campaigns on Facebook Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and their combinations.
B2B and LinkedIn Marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing (profiling and optimization, recruitment marketing, personal and business profiles, Sales navigator, LinkedIn Learning)
  • Conferences
  • webinars
  • mailings.
  • Ecommerce best practices
  • websites and landing pages characterization and design fundamental
  • microcopy and Call to Action
  • funnel optimization methodologies
  • AB testing and evaluation
  • conversion rate optimization.

Influencer Marketing + TikTok
  • Nurturing user generated content
  • TikTok Ads manager
  • Trends and challenges harnessing, influencers allocation to adjust the brand and platforms.
App Economy
  • Promoting app downloads and onboarding
  • hacking the app stores
  • in app advertising and purchases.
Data and Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager + Analytics, KPI and conversion definitions
  • Optimization
  • Reports & Client Management
  • Marketing automations
  • attribution methods
  • Dashboards
  • monitoring tools.
Enhance productivity with AI
  • Learn AI concepts: Machine Learning, Generative AI, LLM, AGI and more
  • Capabilities and limitations of current AI tools
  • Using generative AI to summarize content, learn and understand, develop and visualize ideas
  • Human-in-the-loop approach with Gen AI
  • The art of prompt engineering
  • Using Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides and other Google Tools
  • Learning with AI assistance: principles for effective learning
Power Skills

The Power Skills chapter will focus on developing essential skills necessary for career success. The practical exercises and tips included in this chapter will help the students to develop and refine their abilities in public speaking, time and task management, teamwork, decision making, interviewing, personal LinkedIn page and resume, and business English for Hi-tech industry.

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