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Program in partnership with Amdocs and the city of Sderot to train professionals in the field of "Information Systems Technologies"

Starting: May 2024

Dedicated scholarships of 92% for residents of Sderot and residents of the Gaza Strip envelope. Want to hear more details? Click below and register for the launch event taking place on 3.3.24

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Information Systems Technologies Specializations: System/Business Analyst or Test Engineers & Automation

Google and Reichman Tech School aims to provide high-tech education to a variety of Israelis, As well as those underrepresented in the industry, with the main purpose of promoting equal opportunity through quality education.

For the first time, the school is coming to the south of the country, in an exceptional collaboration with Amdocs in Sderot!

As part of this collaboration, two technology programs will be offered, Data/System analyst and Software testing and Automation, where talented individuals without prior experience in the field will undergo training with experts from academia, industry professionals, and Amdocs specialists. They will also be taught by leading lecturers from Reichman University and will receive the necessary tools to successfully integrate into the high-tech industry!

*The program is supported by the municipality of Sderot.

*Opportunity to join Amdocs for course graduates.



Learning Outline
  • 7 months
    Starting: May 2024
    *changes may apply
  • The studies will take place at Amdocs, Sderot. If the security situation will not allow the arrival to Sderot, the studies will take place at the Amdocs Ra'anana branch.
  • Hybrid model: Study at Campus and Online
    *changes may apply
  • Lectures, workshops, exercises and a practical project
    *Lectures in Hebrew. Presentations, homework and exercises will be given in English.
What makes this program unique?
  • Providing tools that enable participants to integrate into the industry and advance their careers, while developing talent and realizing potential.
  • Program development, training, and placement processes are based on the industry’s requirements and characteristics. Leading companies are involved in the development, training, and placement of the participants.
  • Innovative learning experiences with some of the best lecturers, while maintaining quality and excellence.

For whom the program is intended?

We are looking for people with talent and potential who want to integrate into the high-tech industry as Data Analysts.

As part of the screening process, we will look for candidates with motivation, commitment, ability to think realistically and logically, ability to learn independently and suitability to the industry.

*The program is suitable for working individuals.

*No need for previous experience 

Highly motivated people who are willing to study intensively
Wish to join the high-tech industry
People who are interested in technology
Priority will be given to residents of Sderot and the Gaza Strip envelope. Dedicated scholarships will be given to those who qualify, as well as a 92% scholarship for residents of the Gaza Strip envelope.
  • Dates, times and locations

    Location: Amdocs Sderot

    Mondays 09:00-18:00 on Campus
    Wednesday 16:00-20:00 Online
    *First week will include 3 learning days
    *Changed may apply

    How does the screening process work?

    1. Completing a questionnaire and providing references, such as a CV or/and a LinkedIn profile. If you have a grade sheet from a degree, you can attach it when filling out the questionnaire. If not, we will ask you to send it in later sorting stages
    2. A homework assignment.
    3. Tests that assess skills and thinking abilities
    4. Interview with the program’s management and partner companies.

    What is the cost of the program? Can I receive a scholarship?

    The program costs 39,000 NIS including VAT

    As part of the program, we provide incentive scholarships. scholarships will be given to participants who are found to be suitable and eligible for the scholarship, including participants from underrepresented populations in the high-tech industry, who wish to integrate and work in the studied field for the first time.

    Furthermore, taking into account the security situation, unique scholarships will be given to participants and residents of evacuated settlements in the south and north of the country.

    • To ensure high chances of success in the program, eligibility for the scholarship will be examined after the candidates’ success in the professional tests and personal interviews.
    • Those interested in the scholarship will be required to apply for the scholarship as well as to issue documents and certificates for themselves and their family members. These documents and certificates will be required at advanced stages of the screening process.
    • The scholarship committee examines each case individually. An answer will be given at the end of the screening process.
    • Living expenses scholarships for the duration of the training period will be given in certain cases, according the recommendation of the scholarship committee. The scholarships vary between programs and depend on the socio-economic status of the participant.
    • Payment of the full tuition fee or its relative part is due only upon official admission to the program.
    • There will be the option to pay in installment, in subject to the terms and conditions
    • No double promotions.
    • The cost of the English course, for those who are required to pass it, is 4,700 NIS including VAT. If you are found eligible for a scholarship for the training program, you will also receive a relative scholarship for the English course.
    Integration into the industry at the end of the program

    After completing their training, graduates will be able to work in their specialty as juniors.
    We mentor and guide each and every of our participants throughout the program while providing the necessary tools for a successful integration into the industry. Applicable participants will be able to go through interviews with our partner companies and undertake a position to start their careers.

    Your success is our success!

    What certificate will I get at the end of the program?

    Google and Reichman University will award a certificate of completion upon completion of all assignments at the end of the program.

    Is there an age limit?

    Participants must be 18+ years old

    Is it possible to work while taking the program?

    The program is suitable for those who want to study and work at the same time. As such, it is designed for people who are able to devote extra time to learning and spend extra hours beyond the hours of classes and practices. It is an intensive program, which requires students to attend classes and submit projects.

    What are the basic admission requirements?

    · Highly motivated people who are willing to study intensively.
    · People who are interested in technology, data, and information analysis and wish to join the high-tech industry.
    · A high level of Hebrew, mathematics and English proficiency is required.
    · There is no need for prior programming experience.