Are you passionate about UX design and eager to join a leading company? Join the Google and Reichman Tech School UX Course!
In addition to meeting industry needs, the course is under academic supervision.

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Why UX Design?

The thriving tech industry requires a highly skilled workforce in UX design, user research, and visual communication. From product design to user experience optimization, the field of UX has expanded and the demand for professionals with diverse skills and knowledge has grown rapidly. Joining a UX course equips you with the expertise needed to excel in a variety of positions within this evolving industry.  

About the Program

The UX program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of user experience and user interface design principles and practices. Throughout the program, students will gain hands-on experience in designing intuitive and engaging digital experiences that meet user needs and business objectives.

By preparing students for entry-level positions in UX design, our program equips them with a comprehensive set of practical skills, knowledge, terminology, and additional capabilities.

Learning Outline
  • 4.5 months period
  • Sundays 13:00-20:00, In person at Amdocs Ra'anana.
    Fridays 8:00-12:00, Online
    *changes may apply
  • In-person and online learning
  • The course includes lectures, enrichment workshops, exercises, and a practical project
  • The majority of the lessons will be taught in Hebrew, but all study materials, content, and presentations will be in English.
AI: Learn about it and apply it

Artificial intelligence – AI – is an integral part of all training programs at the high-tech school. A key component of this program is learning what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how to use its tools. For greater creativity and productivity, we will be focusing on GEMINI, Google’s main AI tool. By using artificial intelligence, we can optimize our work, present high-quality products, analyze information, and present insights.

With an emphasis on promoting innovation through the use of AI technologies responsibly and professionally, the program will impart relevant skills and develop the ability to successfully integrate into the future labor market.

What makes this program unique?
  • Providing tools that enable participants to integrate into the industry and advance their careers, while developing talent and realizing potential.
  • Training, placement, and program content are tailored to meet the needs and characteristics of the industry. We work with leading companies to develop, train, and place participants.
  • Offering innovative learning experiences with some of the best lecturers while maintaining quality and excellence.

For whom the program is intended?

Candidates with talent and potential who are interested in integrating into the high-tech world and specializing in UX are encouraged to apply. Selection will be based on motivation, commitment, creativity, independent learning ability, and industry fit.

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December 2023