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Information System Implementation

To understand the technology, to study the client and find a solution fitted just for them.

This job is at the crossroads between the technological world and the business world. It is suitable for people with high order thinking skills, with the ability to analyze and criticize processes together with a connection to technology and basic understanding on how to operate different software. They must be presentable and have high communication skills, who like working with people as well as  being business business-oriented and having good English. People who choose to work in the field meet on a daily basis with Israeli as well as international customers and work together on fine-tuning the customer’s needs and what they want to get out of their software system. In some companies they also have to work with software development teams as well as project management teams to make sure the client’s needs are met. While working, they are also required to implement certain tools such as CRMs and billing systems.

About the program

There is no need for technological or business background to get into this program. The program is suitable for technological people, and business oriented that are interested in working in the hi-tech industry, or people who are already working in the hi-tech industry and want to widen their horizons. The program includes a variety of subjects in the field of information systems, development and main technologies, processes as well as principles and terms from the hi-tech industry.

This program starts from the  the very basic knowledge by introducing you to the use of a PC, different PC services, and servers. After getting through the first hurdle, you will learn software development using Java and databases using SQL. This program enables you to practice hands-on using cloud data services together with cloud servers. We will understand together how a project is managed in a hi-tech environment and how to use Jira software in an Agile methodology. We will get to know different terms from the software development world, QA, and how to build an automation processes of CI/CD using Jenkins and learn how to work professionally with clients from the preliminary stages of specification for the information system until the customer service when the system is up and running. At the end of the program, we will also familiarize you with CRMs.

Course Syllabus
Learning to work with AI

The program qualifies you to work in the technological world which also includes working with AI. Google and Reichman Tech School collaborates with the most technologically advanced companies in the market and has chosen to put a spotlight on AI to even out the job requirement plain field.

Today, in order to succeed in hi-tech and in general, you must know how to work with AI, how to use it more efficiently, how to discover new information and analyze it as well as present it in the best way. All these methodologies will be put to the test when we practice and learn language tools such as Duet and Gemini and see how they can read database files, answer questions, or accelerate code writing using SQL, Java, and automation.

The lecturers of the program encourage and instruct the participants on how to use AI as a guidebook that is always available  for you to accelerate the learning process and to deepen and enrich it through additional content. The conversation with AI is friendly and enjoyable and adds another dimension to the ongoing learning experience.

Learning Outline
  • 6 months
    Start date: May 2024
  • Sundays 09:00-17:00 at Amdocs Sderot
    Thursdays 16:00 – 20:00 Online
    *High-tech English class - Wednesdays, 16:00-18:00, starting 26/6/24

Learning Outline

Screening Process

Questionnaire, Home Assignment, Screening day, Interview
*on previous experience needed

Training Program

Hands-On Experience

Final Project

Your ticket to enter the industry!

Integration into the Industry

· Personal guidance
· Workshops
· Interview preparation
· Career skills

What is special about this program?
  • An advanced and up-to-date program that allows its participants to have all the professional tools needed to enrich their knowledge andfulfill their potential
  • The program will give its participants the tools and skills needed to ensure the best integration.
  • Exposure to the most advanced tools as well as AI tools.
  • The program was built according to the industry’s needs in collaboration with leading tech companies
  • Innovative learning experience with the best lecturers in the industry while keeping ambitious standards and high quality.
Screening Process

Fill in personal details and general information

15 min

Home Assignment

Task from the program's field. *no previous experience required

Few days to submit

Learning Ability Test

Online test that checks learning abilities and English level

2.5 hours


An opportunity to get to know you in person

30 min

Acceptance to the Program

How exciting! Now is the time to sort the payment/ apply for a scholarship

Who is this program for?

We are looking for people who want to work in the hi-tech industry. Through our screening process we will locate people with motivation, commitment, attention to

*No previous knowledge needed

A high level of Hebrew, English and Math proficiency is required
Highly motivated people who are willing to study intensively
People who are interested in technology
People who wish to join the high-tech industry
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System Analyst - May 2024

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  • How does the screening process for this program work?
    • Completing a questionnaire and providing references, such as a CV or/and a LinkedIn profile. If you have a grade sheet from a degree, you can attach it when filling out the questionnaire. If not, we will ask you to send it in later on.
    • A homework assignment.
    • Tests that assess professional skills and thinking abilities
    • Interview with the program’s management and partner companies.
    How much does it cost?

    44,150 including VAT.

    As part of the program, we provide incentive scholarships. scholarships will be given to participants who are found to be suitable and eligible for the scholarship, including participants from underrepresented populations in the high-tech industry, who wish to integrate and work in the studied field for the first time.

    Furthermore, considering the security situation, unique scholarships will be given to participants and residents of evacuated settlements in the south and north of the country.

    Evacuated residents from the south area, from a list of selected communities by the state of Israel, that will undergo a successful screening process and will answer the criteria will get a 92% scholarship and if accepted to this program will pay 3,900 shekels.

    • To ensure high chances of success in the program, eligibility for the scholarship will be examined after the candidates’ success in the professional tests and personal interviews.
    • Those interested in the scholarship will be required to apply for the scholarship as well as to issue documents and certificates for themselves and their family members. These documents and certificates will be required at advanced stages of the screening process.
    • The scholarship committee examines each case individually. An answer will be given at the end of the screening process.
    • Living expenses scholarships for the duration of the training period will be given in certain cases, according to the recommendation of the scholarship committee. The scholarships vary between programs and depend on the socio-economic status of the participant.
    • Payment of the full tuition fee or its relative part is due only upon official admission to the program.
    • There will be the option to pay in installment, in subject to the terms and conditions
    • No double promotions.
    What does the curriculum include?

    View the Syllabus

    When and where does the program take place?

    Sundays 09:00-17:00 at Amdocs Sderot

    Thursdays 16:00-20:00 Online

    *High-tech English class – Wednesdays, 16:00-18:00, starting 26/6/24

    * Changes may occur depending on updates from Home Front Command following the security situation.

    Can I work while studying in this program?

    Yes. This program is suitable for people who would like to work while studying, although this program is intensive and includes projects that need to be handed in on time. This program is intended for people who are willing to go the extra mile and invest their time to study.
    We do recommend that you make arrangement with you work beforehand.

    What kind of certificate do I get?

    After completing the program, you will get a certificate signed by Google and Reichman University.

    What ages are allowed to join the program?


    Why do I need a strong command of English?

    The high-tech industry is largely conducted in the English language (even companies operating in Israel), so is writing code. Therefore, all study materials are written in English and require a good command of the language.

    Integration in the industry

    At the end of the training, graduates will be qualified to work in junior positions in the industry.

    We prepare and accompany each one of the participants in the preparation process for job interviews as well as providing you with a set of skills required for successful industry integration.

    Your success is our success!