English for Tech

Dreaming of a career in tech - but lacking the required level of English for admission?
Google and Reichman's tech school offer a dedicated English program - specifically designed for the tech industry!
Course Overview

Google-Reichman Tech School English aims to provide students with the tools they need to work in the tech industry. A relevant real-life business context will be used to develop all communication skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). During the course, students will learn how to respond verbally and in writing to a wide range of business scenarios. To become more proficient in English, students will be required to build business-related vocabulary in context and use the functional language necessary. As well as gaining knowledge of formal and informal language, participants will also gain an understanding of different cultural contexts.

Course Syllabus
What will we learn?
  • As part of our program, we aim to help students gain confidence, fluency and accuracy in speaking, so they can become more capable of developing professional spoken communication skills for meetings, telephone calls, small talk and presentations. Learning strategies to improve reading comprehension and listening skills will be practised through case studies.
  • Additionally, students will learn how to write professional emails, CVs, and reports.
  • Face-to-face lessons, virtual interactions, regular assessments, homework exercises, projects and assignments should result in these learning outcomes. 
  • The program was built based on industry needs by a team of experts under the leadership of Dr. Miriam Symon – course academic director.
Course Outline
  • About 3 months
  • Classes on Monday 16:00-20:00
  • Combining online and in-person learning at Reichman University
  • Face-to-face lessons, virtual interactions, regular assessments, homework exercises, projects and assignments.
AI: Learn about it and apply it

Artificial intelligence – AI – is an integral part of all training programs at the high-tech school. A key component of this program is learning what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how to use its tools. For greater creativity and productivity, we will be focusing on GEMINI, Google’s main AI tool. By using artificial intelligence, we can optimize our work, present high-quality products, analyze information, and present insights.

With an emphasis on promoting innovation through the use of AI technologies responsibly and professionally, the program will impart relevant skills and develop the ability to successfully integrate into the future labor market.

  • What is the study model for English for Tech?

    Hybrid model including online and in person.

    *Attendance is mandatory

    Who is English for Tech for?

    The program is designed for students interested in joining Google and Reichman Tech School programs. The courses are also open to anyone interested in joining the tech world and improvising the level of English required for this field.

    Now is the time to make your dream of entering the tech industry come true!

    How long is the English for Tech course?

    This program is 3 months long, meeting once a week.

    How do I register for English for Tech course?

    If you are interested in any other of our programs, you don’t need to register to English for Tech. During the screening process we will evaluate your English level and will inform you in case you need to join take the English for Tech course as well.

    In case you are interested only in English for Tech – fill in our registration questionnaire. We will contact you.


    Can I register only for the English for Tech course?

    Yes. you can register for the English for Tech course only, without taking any other of our programs.

    *Those who are interested in English for Tech only, without taking any other program, are not applicable for a scholarship.

    Who are the teachers?

    Under the academic leadership of Dr. Miriam Symon, you will get the best English training from the most qualified experts in the field.

    What is the cost? Can I receive a scholarship?

    The English course costs 5,150 NIS (including VAT). Upon acceptance into one of our training programs, the registration fee will not be charged.

    Scholarships will be given to applicable who are also taking one of our professional courses. The scholarship will be given to English for Tech course + the professional program.

    *Those who are interested in the English for Tech course only are not applicable for a scholarship.


    What will I receive at the end of the English for Tech course?

    English proficiency required for industry integration.

    Those who complete the course will also receive a formal certificate signed by Google and Reichman University.