Mobile Application Development

The program is in an accelerated format, spanning three weeks and including approximately ten sessions.

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About Android, Kotlin, and AI

Over the past decade, Google’s Android operating system has become the most widely used in the world, and Android applications operate on almost all smart devices, including phones, tablets, cars, televisions, industrial equipment, and more. The Kotlin programming language, designed for Android application development, was declared by Google as the preferred language a few years ago, and it is gaining momentum in the industry due to its ease of writing, rapid application development, easy maintenance, and enhanced stability. The AI revolution occurring in the software world adds another layer of knowledge required in app development, including integrating AI components on the device or AI services from cloud-based models like Gemini or GPT. 

About the Course

The course is designed for experienced programmers. Throughout the course, we will learn to build applications to professional standards. We will familiarize ourselves with the logical and visual building blocks of Android applications, the operating system services and how to use or replace them, as well as how to communicate with device components, the camera, and various sensors. We will learn about coding and executing processes and user interface asynchronously using Coroutines. We will get acquainted with using local or remote databases while maintaining an architecture that separates the user interface from the business logic. Additionally, we will be introduced to various libraries of machine learning, image processing, and AI-based computer vision, and learn how to integrate them into the code. During the course, each participant will build an application, with the lecturer’s assistance, using databases and advanced AI services, aiming for quality and stable code and a software structure that is industry-standard. Upon completing the course, participants will be able to develop Android applications and integrate into the field. 

This is an intensive course spanning approximately three weeks and includes several weekly meetings, as well as programming and practice at home. 

Study Model
  • 10 meetings over approximately three weeks in September 2024
  • Hours: 09:00-16:00 - occasionally classes will be held until 18:00
  • Classes will take place in Reichman University, Herzliya
  • Lectures, enrichment workshops, practice sessions, and a practical project
  • Lectures in Hebrew. Presentations, homework, and practice will be provided in English
  • *Program format is subject to change
Learning to Work with AI

The course introduces you to the new technological world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The school, in collaboration with the most advanced high-tech companies, has chosen to spotlight the AI field, which is changing the rules of the game in technological professions. New AI capabilities, such as natural language use or image content analysis, are gradually appearing in various products. Android applications can also benefit from remote AI services available via API calls, or directly from AI models installed on the mobile device. In the course, we will learn to integrate such services and models into the application and enable the user interfaces and flexibility that the AI era brings. 

Screening Process

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Acceptance to the Program

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הכירות את צוות הקורס

Mr. Eran Katz

Eran Katz, the lead lecturer, teaches in the Department of Computer Science at Reichman University and other academic institutions. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the Hebrew University and a master's degree with a thesis (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University. Eran's specialization is in Google's Android operating system, and the applications he developed have garnered millions of downloads.

Shaked Hoffman

Program Manager

Target AudienceWho is the Program For? 

The course is intended for experienced programmers who are proficient in any object-oriented programming language. 

It is especially suitable for those with a degree in computing fields or practical experience in software from the industry or the military. 

Good English proficiency is required. 

**The course is not intended for beginners without experience in the software world. Basic programming concepts are not taught in the program. 

Highly motivated people who are willing to study intensively
People who are interested in technology, data, and information analysis and wish to join the high-tech industry
A high level of Hebrew, English and Math proficiency is required
Experienced Programmers
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Mobile Application Development - Sep. 24

In person

  • What certificate is awarded upon completion of the program?

    Upon completion of the program and the fulfillment of all tasks, a graduation certificate signed by Google and Reichman University will be awarded. 

    What does the curriculum include?

    To view the syllabusclick here

    Where are the classes held?

    At Reichman University and/or its branches in Herzliya. Additionally, online meetings may occur. 

    *Subject to change based on security conditions 

    Can I work while taking the program?

    The program is tailored for those who wish to study and work simultaneously. It is a focused program, lasting 3 weeks, which includes attendance at in-person classes across ten meetings. The program requires attendance and submission of a project. It is intended for people who can focus on learning and invest additional hours beyond the classes and practice. 

    *Attendance is mandatory.

    *We recommend coordinating with your workplace in advance. 

    What is the cost of the program?

    The program costs 13,900 ILS, including VAT. 

    As part of the commitment by Google and Reichman University to promote equality and integration of high-quality, skilled, and diverse human capital into the Israeli high-tech industry, we offer a variety of incentive scholarships ranging from 60%-94% for those who meet the target conditions and are deemed eligible by the scholarship committee. 

    Incentive scholarships will be awarded to eligible participants, including underrepresented populations in the high-tech industry, such as women, diverse populations, individuals from the socio-geographic periphery, and/or those with challenging socio-economic backgrounds who wish to enter the high-tech industry for the first time and work in the studied field. 

    Additionally, due to the security situation, unique scholarships will be awarded to eligible participants from evacuated communities in the south and north of the country. 

    To ensure high chances of success in the program and fulfilling the vision, scholarship eligibility will be assessed after successfully passing the screening process and personal interviews. 

    Those interested in a scholarship will be required to submit a scholarship application and provide documents and certifications for themselves and their family as per the program’s requirements at advanced stages of the screening process. 

    The scholarship committee reviews each case individually, and a response will be given in advanced stages of the screening processes. 

    The full or partial tuition fee must be paid only after official acceptance into the program. 

    There is an option to pay in installments subject to the tuition regulations. 

    No double promotions. 

  • What are the screening stages for the program?
    1. Filling out a registration questionnaire that allows us to get to know you better and your professional background. The questionnaire aims to ensure your suitability for the program. 
    2. Registration for the program. 


    **In some cases, personal interviews may be conducted to ensure optimal suitability. 

    What are the basic admission requirements for the program?

    The course is intended for programmers with experience who are proficient in any object-oriented language.

    It is especially suitable for those with a degree in computer science or practical experience in software development from the industry or the military.