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Why should I study localization?

Localization is a process where content, a product or a service are translated or adapted to a culture and the local demands of a certain market. It includes the translation of a text, graphics, and design adjustments together with adapting workflows and products to the market’s local behavior.

About the program

The Localization Specialists for Hi-tech is an innovative program from Google and Reichman Tech School, that trains and reskills academic degree holders and/or those with potential localization positions. It is a cooperation with Versio Academy School and leading companies from the Hi-tech industry. 

Versio Academy School was established in 2019 by Racheli Kremer and was joined to various academic programs in the industry such MemoQ, , Memosource, SmartCat, Lokalize and many more. A prevlige reserved only for known establishements. Versio Academy School’s courses are also accredited by the Israel Translators Association. 

 The program gives methodological and practical knowledge, professional skills and is the most extensive program for localization in Israel. The program incorporates different technologies including AI and allows its participants the exposure to various tools in the translation and localization industry. 

Program Syllabus
Learning Outline
  • 4 months
  • Tuesday 15:00-20:00 (Combining online learning with several face-to-face sessions )
  • The course includes lectures, enrichment workshops, exercises, and a practical project
What is special about this program?
  • The program works in cooperation with Versio Academy School that offers the most extensive program for translation and localization and includes all the necessary tools.
  • The program was formed according to the Hi-tech industry and its aspects, in cooperation with leading companies who are involved in the training process as well as the placement process.
  • An innovative learning experience with the best lectures while maintaining excellent standards.
  • This program will allow you to gain new professional skills as well as fulfilling your potential! 
AI: Learn about it and apply it

Artificial intelligence – AI – is an integral part of all training programs at the high-tech school. A key component of this program is learning what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how to use its tools. For greater creativity and productivity, we will be focusing on Gemini, Google’s main AI tool. By using artificial intelligence, we can optimize our work, present high-quality products, analyze information, and present insights.

With an emphasis on promoting innovation through the use of AI technologies responsibly and professionally, the program will impart relevant skills and develop the ability to successfully integrate into the future labor market.

Screening Process

Fill in personal details and general information

15 min

Home Assignment

Task from the program's field. *no previous experience required

Few days to submit

Learning Ability Test

Online test that checks learning abilities and English level

2.5 hours


An opportunity to meet in person

30 min

Acceptance to the Program

How exciting! Now is the time to arrange payment/ apply for a scholarship

Who is this program for? 

We are looking for people with high Hebrew language skills (without any spelling mistakes and correct grammar) and attention to details that are interested in finding a job in the Hi-tech industry and in the field of localization. In the screening process we will locate candidates with potential, motivation, creativity, talent, and an ability to self-study as well as compatibility to the industry. 

*No need for previous experience  

Highly motivated people who are willing to study intensively
People who wish to join the high-tech industry
A high level of Hebrew, English
  • What does the screening process entail?
    1. Filling out a questionnaire 
    2. Attaching your CV/ LinkedIn 
    3. Skills and logic tests 
    4. Personal interview 
    How much does the program cost?

    The program costs 16,660 ILS (including VAT) 

    Evacuated residents from the south area, from a list of selected communities by the state of Israel, that will undergo a successful screening process and will answer the criteria will get a 92% scholarship and if accepted to this program will pay 3,900 shekels. 

    What does the curriculum include?

    View the Syllabus (link) 

    When and where does the program take place?

    Tuesdays 15:00-20:00 (Combining online learning with several face-to-face sessions ) 

    * Changes may occur depending on updates from Home Front Command following the security situation. 

    Can I work while studying in this program?

    Yes. This program is suitable for people who would like to work while studying, although this program is intensive and includes projects that need to be handed in on time. This program is intended for people who are willing to go the extra mile and invest their time to study. 
    We do recommend that you make arrangements with your work beforehand. 

    What kind of certificate do I get?

    After completing the program, you will get a certificate signed by Google and Reichman University.