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Every modern organization or business needs an infrastructure that includes computers, servers, software, communication network, and cloud services.
The cloud services include thousands of computers and advanced infrastructures that provide flexible, stable, and secure computing services. This world of computing infrastructures is called IT (Information Technology), and it requires people to build it for the organization, maintain and make it accessible to employees, and expand and improve it as the organization grows. 

The basic role of an IT person combines a human and technological dimension. He knows all the people in the organization, is in daily personal contact with them, understands their needs, teaches them how to use the network and the computer, and helps solve hardware and software problems. At the same time, he needs to have a “sense” for technology, as it’s required to be familiar with a variety of technological equipment, to understand in depth the computing services at the heart of the organization, and to be proficient in many software programs that are unique to the world of IT. 

As a network administrator, he also has control over information and permissions in the organization, and his role is essential for information security and protecting the organization’s network from attack. Since technology changes rapidly, an IT person can initiate, learn, and bring new tools and systems to the organization, and paving his personal path and advancing within the organization. 

About the Program

The IT program at the Google and Reichman Tech School equips you with a range of tools to integrate into the industry as an IT specialist – computer support, communication network and cloud, with knowledge and familiarity of AI. 

The program includes a thorough introduction to personal computers and the Windows and Linux operating systems. We will learn how to manage an organizational network with infrastructures for user management, permissions, organizational policies, network address services such as DNS and DHCP, file, print and email servers, data backup and security systems.  

We will get to know the components of the communications world such as routers and switches, the communication layers, the different addresses, and protocols used to transmit information. We will learn concepts from the world of network communications such as MAC Address, ARP, LAN, IP, HTTP.  

We will touch on the professional world of cyber, virtualization and DevOps. During the exercises we will implement simulations of small networks connecting in multiple computers and learn how to secure them. 

A significant part of the program, which gives you a big advantage in entering the high-tech industry, is familiarity with the cloud and the principles of working in it. In this section, we will review the three common cloud environments of the biggest companies. We will dive deeper into Google’s advanced GCP cloud.
The learning will include a series of unique workshops, hands-on exercises in the classroom and at home. 

The program also includes a basic introduction to the Python programming language, which will allow you to build simple programs at the level required for this profession. In addition, we will learn about the new field of artificial intelligence (AI). We will understand how AI tools can be integrated into the organization’s activity, and even help the IT professional do his job – for example, by writing Python programs quickly and easily. The program offers a unique and enriching experience – acquiring a variety of professional knowledge combined with extensive experience and practice. All this while been guided by some of the most excellent and professional teachers in the field. 


Learning outline
  • Seven-month period (starting July 2024)
  • Sundays: 15:00-21:00 In person at Google Campus Tel Aviv
    Wednesdays: 17:00-21:00 Online
  • Combining online and face-to-face learning
What makes this program unique?
  • Our training program offers you the opportunity to acquire in-depth, advanced, and diverse knowledge in various IT fields, including application development, system infrastructure, information security, and project management.
  • We provide personal guidance and professional leadership from a team of experienced experts. 
  • Program development, training, and placement processes are based on the industry’s requirements and characteristics. Leading companies are involved in the development, training, and placement of the participants. 
  • This is a practical and applied training program that includes projects and exercises that reflect the nature of the role in the field. 
AI: Learn about it and apply it

AI is a major component of all training programs at the high-tech school. In this program, we will learn about AI and how to use the various tools to optimize our work. Additionally, we will present high-quality products, analyze information, and share insights.

In addition to getting to know Google’s leading AI tools such as GEMINI, in this program, we will delve into Google’s Gemini Code Assist tool which assists in writing code, and Vertex AI, which facilitates the deployment and maintenance of AI models quickly.

With an emphasis on promoting innovation through the use of AI technologies responsibly and professionally, the program will impart relevant skills and develop the ability to successfully integrate into the future labor market.

For whom the program is intended? 

We are looking for talented and motivated individuals who want to join the high-tech industry in IT roles. These individuals should have problem-solving skills, analytical abilities, the ability to learn and deal with new information, the ability to work under pressure, and a broad vision. 

As part of the screening process, we will look for candidates with motivation, commitment, ability to think realistically and logically, ability to learn independently and suitability to the industry. 


Highly motivated people who are willing to study intensively
An affinity for the world of technology (no prior experience required)
A high level of Hebrew, English and Math proficiency is required
*Scholarships will be given based on several criteria