The first program in Israel to train DevSecOps on the Google Cloud platform. The program is designed for outstanding graduates of seminars from the Haredi society who have completed a software engineering course at the Lev Academic Center.
About DevSecOps Program

The unique DevSecOps program operates under the academic supervision of Google Reichman Tech School. The program operates in cooperation with the Lev Institute and Oz software company, a software house that specializes in providing software and outsourcing services to a wide range of companies in the Israeli economy, with a specialization in working with the Haredi sector.

Within the framework of the partnership of the Tech School with the Lev Institute and Oz software company, each partner takes an active part in the training processes and shares its rich experience and expertise for the benefit of the accuracy of the selection processes, the adaptation of the curriculum to the needs of the industry, and finally, together, to promote the integration of graduates in the world of employment. At its end, the participants are expected to integrate into a wide range of technology companies, public sector, business, government, financial, security, and more.

The adaptation of the graduates to employers is done by creating a Match between the needs of the companies and the professional and personal characteristics of the graduates of the program, and by promoting their optimal integration in the industry and their stability over time.

Program Syllabus
What is DevSecOps?

The DevSecOps role is a specialized role in the DevOps field, whose goal is to bridge the gap between the security team, the development team, and the operations team, and to manage the best possible collaboration of the departments. The role is designed to ensure that information security is integrated in a structured way in the life cycle of development and organizational operation. In fact, this role is responsible for ensuring that security needs are not affected by the continuous development race.

The main responsibilities of DevSecOps include promoting collaboration between different teams, implementing security at different levels of the organization, and managing and optimizing development processes. DevSecOps is involved from the planning stages, through the presentation of the architecture, to the development and quality assurance stages. To join the role, you need to have a deep understanding of the field of information security, with AI tools and automation processes, with different cloud services, and to demonstrate the ability to drive and work in a team alongside the ability to think strategically and creatively.

What makes this program Unique?
  • The program includes high-quality training, built by experts and on the basis of extensive experience, focusing on the materials and methodologies required today in the industry, with a special emphasis on practice and hands-on experiences throughout its stages.
  • The training includes strengthening English skills, as well as acquiring tools and skills for optimal integration in the industry and strengthening Power Skills.
  • The program enables an innovative learning experience with the best lecturers in the DevOps field, while ensuring quality and excellence.
  • The participants will get to know in depth the variety of DevOps roles and Cloud worlds and will be able to pass the appropriate Google Cloud certification.
Learning Outline
  • The program will last for 12 weeks.
    Starting on July 23, 2023, and end in late October.
  • A full-time, 5-day-a-week, 09:00-16:00
  • Learning hybrid - 3 days on campus in Jerusalem, 2 days Online
  • Content lectures, workshops for integration into the industry, exercises and practical projects
AI: Learn about it and apply it

AI is a major component of all training programs at the high-tech school. In this program, we will learn about AI and how to use the various tools to optimize our work. Additionally, we will present high-quality products, analyze information, and share insights.

In addition to getting to know Google’s leading AI tools such as GEMINI, in this program, we will delve into Google’s Gemini Code Assist tool which assists in writing code, and Vertex AI, which facilitates the deployment and maintenance of AI models quickly.

With an emphasis on promoting innovation through the use of AI technologies responsibly and professionally, the program will impart relevant skills and develop the ability to successfully integrate into the future labor market.