Cyber Analyst (SOC)

Are you passionate about Cyber and eager to work for a leading company in the industry? Join the Google and Reichman Tech School Cyber Analyst Course!
In a unique collaboration with PWC Next

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Why Cyber Analyst?

Cyber analysts play a pivotal role in safeguarding organizations from cyber threats. 

Participating in the course will put you at the frontline of defenders who monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security incidents in real-time – maintaining the integrity and resilience of systems and data. 

Cyber analyst demand is growing as cyber threats become more sophisticated and prevalent, especially with the rise of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning that are harnessed to enhance threat detection and response capabilities. 

About the program

The program operates under Reichman University and Google’s academic framework, in cooperation with PWC Next. The program offers participants a comprehensive array of security-centric methodologies, practical insights, and experience with state-of-the-art security tools. 

Through this program, participants gain proficiency in critical areas such as information systems architecture, operating systems, organizational security practices, network management and protocols, red-team and offensive insights, different cyber security products from various security domains as well as familiarity with industry certifications and global security standards. 

This program assures our student equipped with the practical experience needed to effectively safeguard organizational assets against cyber threats. 

The program is under the academic management of Dr. Yoni Birman, CTO and Director of Cyber Security Research Labs at Huawei Research Center, and is professionally supervised by PWC NEXT

Program Syllabus
Learning Outline
  • Seven-months period
    The program starts in September 22nd 2024 , until end of April 2025
    *changes may apply
  • Hybrid learning model:
    In-person classes: Sundays at Google for Startups Campus- Tel Aviv from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM
    Online: Thursdays from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
  • Students who require the English for High-Tech course will also have an additional class on Mondays.
  • A combination of lectures, enrichment workshops, exercises, and practical projects
  • The lectures will be in Hebrew. The presentations, homework, and exercises will be in English
What makes this program Unique?
  • Providing tools that enable participants to integrate into the industry and advance their careers, while developing personal skills and achieving full potential. 
  • Training, placement, and program content are tailored to meet Industry needs and characteristics. We work closely with leading companies to develop, train, and place participants.
  • Offering innovative learning experiences with some of the best lecturers while maintaining quality and excellence. 
Learn and Work with AI

The High-Tech School emphasizes the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and integrates it into all training programs. As part of this program, we will learn what AI is and how to use various tools such as Google Gemini to enhance creativity and productivity. These tools will enable us to streamline our work, produce higher quality results, analyze data, and present insights. We will especially highlight innovative cyber tools like Google Chronicle and Splunk, which incorporate AI capabilities as part of the cybersecurity defense array. Participants will learn the theoretical background and understand how these tools allow faster response times, improved detection capabilities, and enriched information and conclusions in any cyber event. The program aims to impart relevant skills and create the ability to successfully integrate into the future job market, with an emphasis on promoting innovation through the use of AI technologies. 

Screening Process

Fill in personal details and general information

15 min

Home Assignment

Task from the program's field. *no previous experience required

Few days to submit

Learning Ability Test

Online test that checks learning abilities and English level

2.5 hours


An opportunity to get to know you in person

30 min

Acceptance to the Program

How exciting! Now is the time to sort the payment/ apply for a scholarship

For whom the program is intended?

Candidates with talent and potential who are interested in integrating into the high-tech world and specializing in Cyber Analyst are encouraged to apply. Selection will be based on motivation, commitment, creativity, independent learning ability, and industry fit.

Highly motivated people who are willing to study intensively
People who are interested in technology and wish to join the high-tech industry
Self-learning abilities
A high level of Hebrew, English and Math proficiency is required

Leading the program

Dr. Yoni Birman

The Academic Director of the Cyber Analyst (SOC) program. He is a lecturer and academic instructor at Reichman and Tel Aviv Universities in the fields of cyber and artificial intelligence, and the Deputy CEO and Director of Information Security Research Labs at Huawei's research center.

Ron Arazi

Academic Director Ass. former 8200 unit member, with extensive experience in information security combined with artificial intelligence. Currently a Team Leader- End Point Protection at Huawei Research

Yakir Shabat

Main lecturer, owns a company providing consulting and implementation services for cloud security and networking systems.

Hadar Koren

Program Manager
  • The cost of the program

    The program costs 36,600 NIS + VAT 

     Candidates who are required to take the English course, the price is 5,150 NIS + VAT 

    Can I receive a scholarship?

    As part of the program, we provide incentive scholarships. Scholarships will be given to participants who are found to be suitable and eligible, including participants from underrepresented populations in the high-tech industry, who wish to integrate and work in the studied field for the first time. 

    Furthermore, taking into account the security situation, unique scholarships will be given to participants and residents of evacuated settlements in the south and north of the country. 

    • To ensure high chances of success in the program, eligibility for the scholarship will be examined after the candidates’ success in the professional tests and personal interviews. 
    • Those interested in the scholarship will be required to apply for the scholarship as well as to issue documents and certificates for themselves and their family members. These documents and certificates will be required at advanced stages of the screening process. 
    • The scholarship committee examines each case individually. An answer will be given at the end of the screening process. 
    • Living expenses scholarships for the duration of the training period will be given in certain cases, according the recommendation of the scholarship committee. The scholarships vary between programs and depend on the socio-economic status of the participant. 
    • Payment of the full tuition fee or its relative part is due only upon official admission to the program. 
    • There will be the option to pay in installment, in subject to the terms and conditions 
    • No double promotions. 
    Is it possible to work while taking Cyber analyst (SOC) program?

    The program is suitable for those who want to study and work at the same time. As such, it is designed for people who can devote extra time to learning and spend extra hours beyond the hours of classes and practices. It is an intensive program, which requires students to attend classes and submit projects.

    What does the curriculum include?
    Why study Cyber analyst (SOC)?

    This is a high demand role in the hi-tech industry, required by most companies.

    Integration in the industry

    At the end of the training, graduates will be able to work in junior positions in SOC. 

    We prepare and accompany each one of the participants in the preparation process for interviews. We provide the tools required for successful industry integration. 

    Your success is our success! 

    Which certificate will I get at the end of the program?

    Google and Reichman University and PWC next will award a completion certificate upon accomplishing all assignments and course requirements.