AI and Deep Learning Development

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An Advanced Program for AI Creators

Programmers Leading the Global Revolution 

The AI field has become one of the central engines of the high-tech industry and the flagship of global economic development. Many startups are emerging in the field and are looking for AI developers. Large high-tech companies are also investing heavily in the field and recruiting the best programmers for it. Artificial intelligence is changing the world, and its impact is expected to grow even more in the years ahead. Software developers in search of a challenge are eager to dive into the field, aiming to contribute to the revolutionary wave, enjoy the exciting professional challenges, and benefit from the different compensation levels associated with it. To do so, one must learn the unique way of thinking required for Machine Learning development, which is different from programming in other fields, to become acquainted with the tools and technologies in the field, and to experience hands-on the process of constructing and training Artificial Neural Networks. All of this will be done during the program. 

This program is part of Google’s commitment to make AI technologies accessible for everyone, in cooperation with the industry, that will allow people to grow and develop innovative technologies that will solve complex challenges. 

About the program

This is a focused and highly practical program for experienced programmers, aimed at providing the foundational knowledge necessary for integration into teams developing AI systems in the industry. The learning process in this program will be dynamic and fast-paced, involving extensive programming both in-class and at home with the support of experienced professionals. 

The program includes lectures from knowledge experts, from Google as well as other companies together with open-source code projects and interfaces of AI services such as Gemini and Vertex AI. 

Participants will gain fundamental insights into Machine Learning, become familiar with various AI applications, and will receive a foundation for continued self-study and development in the field. We will cover models, algorithms, techniques, and key tools for developing AI models and integrating them into software systems. 

Within the program’s framework, we will learn how to train deep neural networks using large amounts of data and how to evaluate their performance. We will experience hands-on on how to use popular development libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, NumPy, and Pandas. Also, we will become acquainted with well-known AI models architectures like Convolutional Neural Networks and Transformers. While learning in this program, participants will also learn how to make AI work with end devices using TF Lite and how to deploy steady and fast AI services through Google Cloud Platform. The program will delve into several fronts of AI applications in the industry, such as Large Language Models (LLMs), pattern recognition in tabular data, Computer Vision, and Reinforcement Learning. 

Program Syllabus
Learning Outline
  • Opening 15.9.24
    Ending 22.12.24
    *Subject to changes
  • Classes will be held in “Yitzhak Rabin center” Tel-Aviv
    Sunday 09:00-15:00 (On site) | Tuesday 16:00-20:00 (Online)
  • The course includes lectures, enrichment workshops, exercises, and a practical project
    *Lessons in Hebrew, the material in English
Who is the program for?

This program is for people with high cognitive abilities with emphasis on logic thinking processes, experienced with programming in Python. Experience with other programming languages in addition to Python is also good (there will not be training for Python).

To join the program, you should belong to ONE of the 6 following groups: 

Experienced programmers:

  • 2 years experience in programming 
  • Veterans from IDF intelligence corps’ technology units 
  • Young and bright programmers, without high-tech experience but with high and advanced skills, excellent SAT’s (over 680) or Bagrut grades (over 90). 


Degree holders:

  • BSc. in computer science or electrical engineering with high grades (over 85). 
  • BSc. in math, physics, or other engineering degrees from universities ONLY, with high grades (over 85) and experience with programming world 
  • Advanced degrees (master’s and up) in science such as biology, medicine with high grades (over 80) and experience with programming. 
Screening Process

Fill in personal details and general information

15 min

Personal Conversation

An opportunity to meet
*There might be a home assignment

30 min

Acceptance to the Program

How exciting! Now is the time to arrange payment/ apply for a scholarship

Leading the program:

Dr. Barak Or

Academic Director of AI and Deep Learning Course

Vered Moreno Ben-Shahar

Program Manager
  • How much does the program cost?

    The program costs 27,850 ILS (including VAT) 

    As part of the program, we provide incentive scholarships. Scholarships between 60%-94% will be given to participants who are found to be suitable and eligible for the scholarship, including participants from underrepresented populations in the high-tech industry, who wish to integrate and work in the studied field for the first time. 

    Furthermore, considering the security situation,  

    Unique scholarships of 94% will be given to participants and residents of evacuated settlements in the south and north of the country. 

    • To ensure high chances of success in the program, eligibility for the scholarship will be examined after the candidates’ success in the professional tests and personal interviews. 
    • Those interested in the scholarship will be required to apply for the scholarship as well as to issue documents and certificates for themselves and their family members. These documents and certificates will be required at advanced stages of the screening process. 
    • The scholarship committee examines each case individually. An answer will be given at the end of the screening process. 
    • Living expenses scholarships for the duration of the training period will be given in certain cases, according to the recommendation of the scholarship committee. The scholarships vary between programs and depend on the socio-economic status of the participant. 
    • Payment of the full tuition fee or its relative part is due only upon official admission to the program. 
    • There will be the option to pay in installment, in subject to the terms and conditions 
    • No double promotions. 
    What does the curriculum include?

    View the Syllabus (link) 

    When and where does the program take place?

    Sundays 09:00-15:00 in TLV at Yitzhak Rabin Center 

    Tuesdays 16:00-20:00 Online 

    * Changes may occur depending on the security situation. 

    Can I work while studying in this program?

    Yes. This program is suitable for people who would like to work while studying, although this program is intensive and includes projects that need to be handed in on time. This program is intended for people who are willing to go the extra mile and invest their time to study.
    We do recommend that you plan with your work beforehand.

    What kind of certificate do I get?

    After completing the program, you will get a certificate signed by Google and Reichman University.

    What does the screening process entail?
    1. Filling out a questionnaire
    2. Attaching your CV/ LinkedIn
    3. Grade sheet / Bagrut grades
    4. Skills and logic tests
    5. Personal interview

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