3D - Entrepreneurship Program for Arab Society

A new entrepreneurial culture is fostered among managers and entrepreneurs in Arab society via the 3D Entrepreneurship Program, aimed to change the face of the startup ecosystem.
3D - Dream, Dare, Deliver

Encourages entrepreneurship and the acquisition of entrepreneurial, technological, and social skills by Arab entrepreneurs. This is the first and only program dedicated to this demographic to provide entrepreneurial training, excellence and empowerment. The program is a collaboration between Takwin Venture Capital, Google and Reichman Tech School, Edison School of Entrepreneurship at Reichman University.

The 3D Program promotes both participants’ development and the initial development of their own venture or startup. Throughout the program, participants get the opportunity to dream big, plan for the future, and learn from failures. In addition to lectures and “Speed date” meetings with leading companies and industry figures, the program helps enhance skills such as confidence, leadership skills, teamwork, emotional intelligence, creativity, technological tools, and business skills. The 3D program is led by Dr. Yossi Maaravi, Dean of the School of Entrepreneurship at Reichman University and the Academic Director of the program. 

The 3D program lasts for two semesters and includes approximately 30 participants, academics with experience in management. Their profile is diverse, both in terms of age and profession – first participating groups included doctors, vice presidents of tech companies, engineers, programmers, and more.

All training programs at the high-tech school integrate artificial intelligence – AI. In this program, relevant skills will be imparted and the promotion of entrepreneurship will be promoted, while the use of AI technologies will be used responsibly to promote innovation.